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App author: Jeff Kinne

Data source: JHU CSSE

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In this app we look at data on the total number of confirmed cases of covid-19 and number of deaths. The data is broken down by country or by state/province/county (depending on the country). You can view the raw data at

The analysis is based on ideas in a 3 Blue 1 Brown video on exponential growth in general and this data in particular. See

Select the type of data and country or region to display.

Running total plot - plots the total number of cases as of each day.

Number of new plot - plots the number of new confirmed cases on each day.

Note that if the number of new cases normally increases, this is a sign of exponential growth.

You can also check for exponential growth by looking at the logarithm of the values. If the logarithm of the values looks like a line this is also a sign of exponential growth.

The prediction feature assumes the data is growing exponentially and makes prediction for the next days based on this assumption. You can select which days of past data are used in modeling the curve, and how many future days from that point to make the prediction for.

The Raw Data tab shows the raw data, which is given by state or province.